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Elvis in the Original Jail House Rock Video.

The original Jailhouse Rock movie was directed by Richard Thorpe and written by Nedrick Young in 1957.

The movies main star was Elvis, who played a man that was jailed for manslaughter. Whilst in Jail Elvis’s character took on his cellmate as a mentor for music. After he served his time in Jail he then found work as a club singer and becomes a star. As this is developing he finds his self-centered ways horribly affect his personal relationships, something that he needs to work out. Its a great movie and one for Elvis fans to treasure.

It is often said that this video and the dancing in this were some of “Elvis’s best moments on screen”, which we couldn’t agree more!

The sound track for the movie were recorded at Radio Recorders in Hollywood in April and May of 1957 with additional recordings at the MGM Soundstage.

The first showing of the movie was in Memphis, Tennessee on October 17 1957, and then went on around the nation, 3 weeks later, although it had mixed reviews from critics, Elvis Fans loved it.

The movie grossed $4 million and became number 14 at the years end for box office totals, but it topped out at number 3 in the Variety Box office Charts.

This video is nothing on what they are making today, but Elvis’s voice would definitely match any of the new pop Stars.

The dance moves that Elvis perform in this video clip are second to none, and could easily out perform any of the big pop stars today.

Still a great Song even by today’s standards, watch the video and crank up the speakers Elvis Fans.

Watch those hip shaking movie that are rated “his best moments on screen”.

This video is something we can’t get enough of.




Thanks to gaza45454545 for the video, and Thanks to Elvis always for the performance, passion, vocals and dance moves.


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