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WATCH Elvis Sing His Praises for  Girls Everywhere… October the 31st 1962 Elvis’s 11th movie ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ had its World Premiere in Honolulu.  The movie was shot in and around Hawaii. Elvis’s 2nd of 3 movies to be shot here on location. The movie which scripted Elvis in his natural role of handsome bachelor by the name of Ross Carpenter, living a colourful life surrounded by many beautiful and adoring women. Wow the movie sounds very like Elvis’s real life story! Ross is a Hawaiian fishing guiding and sailor, who works on a boat called the Westwind. The boat Westwind that Ross works on is the same boat that him and his father built, and when Ross finds out his boss is to retire, he desperately wants to buy the boat. Ross being the handsome man that he is, finds himself in a love triangle with two beautiful woman, the insensitive Robin and the sweet Laurel. The romantic comedy/musical was  nominated for a golden globe awards for ‘Best Motion Picture – Musical’ and Elvis received a Golden Laurel for ‘Top Male Musical Performance’ The soundtrack featured one of Elvis’s best known songs ‘Return to Sender’ which was composed by Otis Blackwell & Winfield Scott, Colonel Parker Elvis’s manager knew that this would suit Elvis to a Tee, and he was right. The song ‘Return to Sender’ made it...

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Watch This ‘Why Me Lord? ‘ Duet From Elvis & JD & Witness The Personality Of Our King This version of ‘Why Me Lord’ is such a beautiful look into Elvis’s personality, he & J.D sing the song impeccably while giving the song an incredible human edge. They jointly convey the true essence of a song originally penned and sung by Kris Kristofferson.  A song about humbling one self in front of God after experiencing a world full of hedonism. The humor that Elvis bestows in this song amplifies the very human perspective this song was originally coming from. This song must have sunk into the core of not only Elvis but of J.D also, for although they were treated like Kings they knew they were and felt very like men with the highs and lows of humanity. The friendship between these two men which began when Elvis was only 14 years old is evident through this video, and the photos during the beautiful song will bring tears to your eyes. J.D credits Elvis for helping him on the road to recovery from addiction and for keeping his wife through his struggles with alcohol, the relationship that began as J.D mentoring Elvis turned into Elvis mentoring J.D. It is said that Elvis was a huge fan of J.D Sumner from the age of 16, Elvis considered J.D to be...

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Listen to the producers talk about making this latest album… So if you haven’t already heard, Priscilla Presley along with producers Don Reedman and Nick Patrick have been re-working more Elvis classics into a brand new orchestral album called “The Wonder Of You: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” it was released on October 21, 2016. We have been listening to the individual tracks on youtube, and we are quietly happy with the result.  There is an incredible clarity to Elvis’s powerful vocals and the orchestra is levelled to compliment the classic songs. At first we were a little sceptical, mostly about the motivations to create the album which is a follow up to last years “If I Can Dream”, which sold over a million copies and I am sure a nice profit. But after listening to the album we feel that the accompaniment does really add a beautiful dimension to Elvis’s vocals. Priscilla was quoted as saying “Elvis always loved the great, operatic vocalists,” we like to hope this was the motivation for these latest albums. The new album features tracks such as “Always On My Mind”, “A Big Hunk O’Love” and the song the album is named after “The Wonder of You”. The album producers are quoted as saying “We’ve made something new & fresh which stands on its own” Don Reedman says about the album...

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WATCH AN ADORABLE ELVIS STAR IN THE MAKING Elvis impersonators have been around since Elvis passed. They come from all over the globe and they come from many different backgrounds. Some of the impersonators look just like Elvis, some sound just like Elvis and some even dance just like him. The best of the best impersonators even have all three attributes down to the closest thing to they we will ever get to the real thing, Elvis himself. Although no one will ever replace Elvis with his all round amazingness, some try really hard and do a good job at it but theres always that special spark that Elvis had that no one can capture. We found a video on the internet of a young 2 year old, doing his damn finest Elvis dance impressions. We think he nails it pretty well considering the kids age, and he is just so adorable! Leave a comment and tell us what you think of this little groover. Cute little 2-year-old William Stokkebroe has been attending his parents dance studio in Denmark watching studiously as the instructors teach the Jive. The results of such dedicated observation is the cutest performance of Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock we have ever seen. This incredible video was taken when he decided to showcase everything he had learned at a Galla opening on the 2nd of March 2012....

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WATCH ELVIS SINGING ‘TREAT ME NICE’ IN FULL COLOR It has been 59 years this week since Elvis’s 3rd movie ‘Jailhouse Rock’ Premiered, which the song ‘Treat me nice’ was written for. On October 17th 1957 the film premiered in Memphis Tennessee a premiere that Elvis did not attend and which was meet with mixed reviews. Treat Me Nice was written by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller who were two incredible song writers who wrote many of the hits of this time including Elvis’s own Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog & She’s Not You. They were considered the ‘masters behind the masters’ and were also part of Elvis’s Memphis Mafia, they were the genius behind some of those very catchy lyrics and melodies that Elvis became so well known for. When they were commissioned to write the sound track to ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and asked to produce some of the work in New York, they had failed to write anything at all. They were then held up in a hotel room by Elvis’s music manager Jean Aberbach, where he pushed a sofa up against the hotel room door, and kept them locked in there until they wrote the Jailhouse Rock soundtrack. The song was Vince’s (Elvis’s character in Jailhouse Rock) first recorded song after he left prison (in the movie) Initially a flop, Vince’s girlfriend Peggy convinced a DJ friend to...

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