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Watch this Incredible Video of Elvis in his Prime Wow read the Lyrics below, it is exactly how we feel about Elvis. “Darling I love you so and my heart forever Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before Please come back to my arms, we belong together Come to me let’s be sweethearts again and then let us part no more” These are some of the lyrics from the song ‘No More’, which Elvis performed in ‘Blue Hawaii’ Every time we watch the movie, we want to be taken back to that exact time and place. Elvis Presley is in full Hawaiian mode singing beautifully in his 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii”.  Elvis looks radiant in all his youth and vitality, the way we love to see him. The harmonising he creates with Hawaiian “Beach Buddies” is absolutely divine. “Blue Hawaii” was a romantic comedy based in the picturesque Hawaii and was the story of Elvis’s character Chadwick Gates coming home to the islands after serving in the US Army. The Blue Hawaii soundtrack was nominated for a 1961 Grammy and spent over 70 weeks on the Billboard Pop Albums chart. Elvis and the Beach Buddies serenade us with this incredible version of a very popular Spanish song “La Paloma” with translates to “The Dove”, a song that was composed and written by Sebastian Yradier in...

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Have you Seen this Great Hologram of Elvis Performing on ‘Idol Gives Back?’ The song ‘If I can Dream’ was written by Walter Brown and again made famous by the one and only Elvis Presley. Presley recorded the song in June 1968 and was released by Elvis’s music publishing company Gladys Music not long after it was recorded. Although not technically a Gospel song, Elvis would regularly perform the song with such great intensity and inspiration, that it later become semi classified as Gospel and has been added to many of his Gospel Compilations. The Song has direct quotations from Martin Luther King Jr. an American Baptist minister who was the leader for the Civil Rights movement. Now at a time when ‘there must be peace and understanding, the message in the lyrics couldn’t be more relevant. The song was released 2 months afters the famous assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. On the 4th of April 1968, as he stood on his Motels second floor balcony. The recording of the song was released to the public as the finale of Elvis’s 1968 comeback special. This video of Elvis and Celine featured on American Idol’s Charity event ‘Idol Gives Back’ in 2007. Celine Dion a French-Canadian pop singer, is almost as famous as Elvis. Having won 5 Grammy Awards and being ‘one of the best selling artists of all time’,...

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Elvis in the Original Jail House Rock Video. The original Jailhouse Rock movie was directed by Richard Thorpe and written by Nedrick Young in 1957. The movies main star was Elvis, who played a man that was jailed for manslaughter. Whilst in Jail Elvis’s character took on his cellmate as a mentor for music. After he served his time in Jail he then found work as a club singer and becomes a star. As this is developing he finds his self-centered ways horribly affect his personal relationships, something that he needs to work out. Its a great movie and one for Elvis fans to treasure. It is often said that this video and the dancing in this were some of “Elvis’s best moments on screen”, which we couldn’t agree more! The sound track for the movie were recorded at Radio Recorders in Hollywood in April and May of 1957 with additional recordings at the MGM Soundstage. The first showing of the movie was in Memphis, Tennessee on October 17 1957, and then went on around the nation, 3 weeks later, although it had mixed reviews from critics, Elvis Fans loved it. The movie grossed $4 million and became number 14 at the years end for box office totals, but it topped out at number 3 in the Variety Box office Charts. This video is nothing on what they are...

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