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Listen to the Beautiful ‘Love Me Tender’ from Elvis The Song ‘Love Me Tender’ was performed on September 9, 1956 on The Ed Sullivan Show by Elvis, just before it was released as a Single, and around a month before it came out on the Movie, ‘Love Me Tender’, for which the song was originally written. Shortly after RCA received around 1 million advance orders for the song, making it a gold record before it even came out to the public.. Ken Darby was the original writer of the song adapted by Poulton’s Civil War tune. Elvis and Darby’s wife...

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Elvis Performs Trouble Live

Watch as Elvis Plays Trouble/Guitar Man Live in His Comeback Series We have been away for a little while now and thought a great way to celebrate being back with you all would be to dive into Elvis’s own comeback special. One of our favorite performances from this comeback special from 1968 was Elvis singing Trouble and then a taste of Guitar Man. Elvis’s opens the comeback series with this song and in this video he draws out his introduction in a sultry provocative way almost affirming everything he is about to sing and also with tongue in check...

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Watch Elvis Performing ‘How Great Thou Art’ Live. We have always said it, but Elvis is definitely one of the All time greats at singing Gospel. Elvis had a special place in his heart for Gospel. He used Gospel groups as his back up singers on tour with him. When he warmed up in the recording studio he would often sing gospel songs first to get himself in the right frame of mind. Elvis’s personal record collection consisted of many Gospel albums and particularly Southern gospel quartets. After show he would often stay up until the early hours of...

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COME & TOUR THE ELVIS INSPIRED GUESTHOUSE WITH PRISCILLA PRESLEY! Priscilla Presley has invited us into Elvis’s private suites by way of creating one of Memphis’s largest hotels inspired by Elvis’s glamorous taste and his famous hospitality. Elvis dreamed of building a guest house on the Graceland grounds to accommodate his many friends and now that dream has been brought to fruition and allows not only close friends to experience the Presley hospitality but also all of his adoring fans. The Hotel opened to the public just over a week ago on the 27th of October and has 450 rooms including luxurious themed VIP suites which were inspired by the parts of Graceland that are closed to the public, such as Elvis’s master bedroom. Priscilla has bought Elvis’s most intimate spaces into the view of his fans, she has kept true to Elvis’s style and design & lifestyle priorities, you will never guess what is on the ceiling above the bed! All of the restaurants are themed and include some of Elvis’s favorite foods and the staff throughout the hotel hold Elvis’s warmth and hospitality at the core of their responsibilities. The hotel exudes luxury, extravagance, and glamor and the VIP suites will give the guests a sense of how Elvis lived.  The hotel is located just a short walk away from the Graceland mansion and I am sure...

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WATCH Elvis Sing His Praises for  Girls Everywhere… October the 31st 1962 Elvis’s 11th movie ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ had its World Premiere in Honolulu.  The movie was shot in and around Hawaii. Elvis’s 2nd of 3 movies to be shot here on location. The movie which scripted Elvis in his natural role of handsome bachelor by the name of Ross Carpenter, living a colourful life surrounded by many beautiful and adoring women. Wow the movie sounds very like Elvis’s real life story! Ross is a Hawaiian fishing guiding and sailor, who works on a boat called the Westwind. The boat Westwind that Ross works on is the same boat that him and his father built, and when Ross finds out his boss is to retire, he desperately wants to buy the boat. Ross being the handsome man that he is, finds himself in a love triangle with two beautiful woman, the insensitive Robin and the sweet Laurel. The romantic comedy/musical was  nominated for a golden globe awards for ‘Best Motion Picture – Musical’ and Elvis received a Golden Laurel for ‘Top Male Musical Performance’ The soundtrack featured one of Elvis’s best known songs ‘Return to Sender’ which was composed by Otis Blackwell & Winfield Scott, Colonel Parker Elvis’s manager knew that this would suit Elvis to a Tee, and he was right. The song ‘Return to Sender’ made it...

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